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What is the score?

The score measures the impact of visual content and its creators.

Why measure visual impact?

The language of the web has fundamentally shifted to visuals. Today, we use visuals to inspire, communicate and share our aspirations. However, underneath the impact of the visual is the impact of the creator - the ability to build active and invested communities around their media. As we each develop our own unique skills, styles and audiences, it becomes clear that not all visual content, or the creators, are created equal.

Why does this matter?

Visual impact drives our ability to communicate and relate to each other.  Equal parts art and science, we all desire to improve the ways we connect and engage with our peers — be they friends, fans, or customers.  Visual influence is the way we frame the world, which makes it incredibly important.

Isn’t this the same thing as Klout?

Similar, maybe, but not the same.  The Klout Score measures the ability to drive action in a text-based, link-driven universe. expands on this idea, but leverages the unique characteristics visual content offers to provide a new layer of understanding about both the content and its creator.

Who are you to judge?

Wonderful question! is powered by Chute, a platform helping brands and consumers connect through their visual content. To date, we’ve helped some of the largest brands in the world discover the amazing content millions of consumers have created. It was that unique intersection that drove us to help both sides understand each other better.


How is the score calculated?

We believe that the power of socially-connected visual media is driven by two key forces: the content and the network. The content reflects the creativity and ingenuity of the creator.  The network reflects the affinity, reputation, and insight into the connected community.

The score accounts for both of these key concepts while relying on measurable metrics like network size, engagement, influence and community trends.lions of consumers have created. It was that unique intersection that drove us to help both sides understand each other better.

What do I do with my score?

Honestly, we’re still working on that!  This early version of the score provides some fun facts about your content, but we’ll be layering on new tools very quickly to give you both direction and insights as you plan your future work and foster bigger, stronger relationships with your fans and audience.

I have ideas for how you can improve How can I share them with you?

Drop us an email at or click here to send us feedback.