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🇺🇸How a REAL man takes a knee🙏🏽 _ US ARMY combat wounded veteran, @derekweida 🙏🏽 _ _ This ineffective, soft, passive aggressive “take a knee for change” does zero to inspire change. If WE want change, it’s going to require ALL OF US to work for it. Not “us” vs “them”. _ _ If we truly want to create a better, more equal ecosystem for our children, that’s gonna require consistent hard work, empathy, and an unbiased understanding of others perspective. _ If WE want change... WE have to get off your knees and work for it. _ How many of these Millionaire Pro athletes are involved in their community actually WORKING for change? (very very few) _ Before you write a nasty comment, just know, I lived in that industry for 11 years. I saw first hand how many athletes used their platform for change, and how the VAST majority talked 💩 and never did more than pull out their phone and tweet about it. _ QUIT TALKING ABOUT CHANGE, Become the catalyst for it.

I've never been to an NFL game in my life until I was blessed enough to play in one. Ten years later my career is over, and I've enjoyed having more time with my family, But the thought of going to a game and seeing Tom Coughlin & my former teammates run out of the tunnel, I knew would be a strange feeling. I went yesterday, I knew it would be the last time I'd see Tom Coughlin lead the @giants into battle and I wanted to be there, I wanted my son to be there. I wanted my son to see the man that has made me into the father I am today. Tom is so much bigger than football, bigger than the banners that hang in the stadium. He has given EVERYTHING he is to this franchise, to the players, and to this league. My prayers are that he understands just how special he is, and how impactful he has been to Millions of people. Both fans, players, and anyone who has seen him do what he does best..... INSPIRE, MOTIVATE, and TEACH!!! Godspeed Tom, and THANK YOU! #NYG

Because America🇺🇸....... And it’s December and I’m gettin’ a tan, and dodgin’ forest fires🔥 _ Hope everyone is SoCal made it to safety. _ We’ve been blessed, passed right above us. Still on high alert tho🙏🏽

🚨CAPTION THIS🚨 Best caption wins a personalized/autographed📝 #NYG football🏈 #TBT

♨️From the worst shape of my adult life to the November cover of @muscle_and_fitness (a lifetime goal since the age of 14), and all of this progress, in 32 days!!!🤘🏽 _ Life happens, it happened to me... After 10 years in the @nfl, we decided as a family, it was time to retire, and pursue my true passion. _ Moving our entire life, 4 kids, a dog, 2 vehicles, a pregnant wife, and a million toys from New Jersey to San Diego presented a new challenge to me. Life outside of my “routine”. _ Well, I failed that challenge miserably. Our rental home didn’t have a functional fridge or oven for Living on take out food for 4.5 weeks, it didn’t take long for my energy, focus, recovery ability, and overall health to make a drastic decline. _ My body fat, bloat, inflammation, and weight skyrocketed from 238 lbs to 253 lbs, and I felt worse than I looked. _ I documented every single facet of my life on Snapchat👻 during this life changing 30 days. Then shared every single day on YouTube. ( _ ❓So what exactly did I document? EVERYTHING!!! • _ ▪️Every Blood/Urine Test ▪️Every Physician Appointment ▪️Every DEXA Scan to track my Body Composition progress ▪️Every facet of the 7 DAY DETOX ▪️Every step needed to optimize your GUT HEALTH & improve macro & phytonutrient absorption (major key) _ ▪️Every KETOGENIC Cardio Routine ▪️Every Adaptive Weight Training Session ▪️Every SUPPLEMENT consumed; when/why ▪️My Nutrition Regiment-Every meal, snack, Juice consumed _ ▪️Several ‘HULK JUICE’ Recipe videos ▪️My Restorative Yoga Recovery Routine ▪️My MINDSET ▪️Meal Preparation Video Instruction _ ▪️My Daily Struggles ▪️My Daily Successes ▪️And how to balance school, work, family, & physical/mental/spiritual growth _ 🎥My priority objective when I decided to document & share this personal journey was to eliminate any indecisiveness, doubt, or “guesswork” for ANYONE overwhelmed with the daunting task of starting a life changing 30 day transformation. _ ⏳We will be closing enrollment SOON. Once we fill the remainder of the roster spots for the DECEMBER 15th start date. _ 💰 100% Money Back GUARANTEE- You have NOTHING TO LOSE!!! _ ♨️

"Let's take a picture of our Super Bowl Rings after dinner", said no @philadelphiaeagles.........EVER!!! Merry🎄Christmas #TBT

Sitting with the PRESIDENT of the United States of America to get advice on how to create an even bigger impact of positivity is a once in a lifetime opportunity. _ Oh, and yes I split yet another pair of suit pants.... I think I might be the only person in America that is proud to ruin another suit because my legs are spawned directly from the seed of Zeus⚡️ himself💪🏽🤣 Good thing I was wearing pretty undies. @tommyjohnwear FTW #DontBeA😾 #DontSkipLegDay🚫👖 #AmericaNeedsYou🇺🇸